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About Us

Vision Agency is an immersive media products and services company based in Colorado. We specialize in high performance virtual reality and immersive fulldome experiences. Our flagship product offering is Microdose VR, and our primary commercial services include deploying VR experiences at events, commercial fulldome animation, audio/visual performances for event entertainment and software licensing.

Our Core Product

Our mission with VR is not to attempt to replicate the real world, but to build a human experience which would be absolutely impossible in the physical world.

Microdose VR combines art, music and dance into a real-time virtual reality gaming experience, unleashing creativity in people of all ages, and defining a new medium of artistic expression never before possible. Microdose VR is designed from the ground up as a native VR app, based on a core mechanic which is only possible within virtual reality. Designed to viscerally engage gamers, artists, musicians and dancers of all ages, players can tune the experience to their preference, from an auto-tuned therapeutic experience to highly customized skill-based gameplay. Microdose VR will initially be sold on SteamVR, Vive Port, and the Oculus store.