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Microdose VR Mixed Reality at CES

Microdose VR enters Mixed Reality at CES 2018 Las Vegas, at the official HTC Vive installation, featuring Muse VR (The Brain Sensing Headband) biofeedback animating all the particles to the player's heartbeat and fullbody haptic feedback by SubPac, oh yea feel the bass! #dosetheworld #microdoseVR

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Microdose VR At Panorama Festival NYC

Microdose VR was a featured installation in the Lab at Panorama Music Festival,  an interactive experience that combines technology, artistry, and design, created exclusively by New York City–based artists. THE LAB places experiential digital art at the heart of the festival, with six interactive installations and a massive 360-degree virtual-reality [...]

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Microdose VR At Sotheby’s

We were honored to have participated in the VR Society: The Art Of VR! The two day extravaganza, was hosted by Sotheby's at the New York Ave Headquarters, and was the first of its kind in NYC. It was an incredible conference of artists, filmmakers, production companies, and more.

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E3 Expo featuring Microdose in Fulldome Projection

E3 Expo took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and we had a public demo of our fulldome live projection system with Microdose VR, that enabled hundreds of people to share the live Microdose VR experience together, at the same time [...]

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Augmented World Expo

Microdose VR was a featured technology at Augmented World Expo , an AR/VR conference with 4700 attendees, 351 speakers, 212 exhibitors and an expo hall of 100,000 sqft. including a 20,000 sqft. AWE Playground. AR and VR are bringing superpowers to the people and this year we are on a [...]

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Lightning In A Bottle

Microdose VR, Samskara and Android Jones were featured in the MOVA Gallery, which was pleased to return to Lightning in a Bottle in collaboration with 360Dome.Pro to bring an all new Immersive Art Experience. Featuring the latest in Full Dome 360 Digital Projection Technology, this year’s installation included even larger projection systems with seamless 4k [...]

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Android Jones, Samskara and Microdose VR @ Tipper & Friends

Android Jones performed live visuals at the Tipper And Friends at Suwanee Festival, also featuring Microdose VR and Samskara, which is a beautiful combination of Android Jones' artwork and imagination, featuring a specially synched Tipper soundtrack, with panoramic projection mapping, fulldome and VR oculus projection.

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VRLA Conference

VRLA is the world's largest virtual reality and immersive technology expo.  We loved being a part of VRLA 2017, and all the incredible people we got to meet there! Thank you VRLA Expo 2017 for having us, and supporting the future of VR.  Grateful for the opportunity for Android Jones [...]

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Coachella Festival

We brought Microdose VR to Coachella 2017, and debuted our multiplayer functionality, allowing multiple people to get immersed in the same virtual reality at the same time. We also debuted a massive original animation, built in Microdose VR, and rendered to fulldome format using our own custom animation pipeline [...]

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We brought a 3 dodecahedron Microdose VR arcade to Okeechobee festival, a diverse, multi-genre event celebrating the start of spring with world renowned and on the rise performers, art installations to inspire with awe, yoga and meditation to cleanse the soul, great food, and friends new and old to [...]

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