Augmented World Expo

Microdose VR was a featured technology at Augmented World Expo , an AR/VR conference with 4700 attendees, 351 speakers, 212 exhibitors and an expo hall of 100,000 sqft. including a 20,000 sqft. AWE Playground.

AR and VR are bringing superpowers to the people and this year we are on a mission to highlight how to use these Superpowers to Change the World. This year’s conference and expo showcased speakers, startups and organizations who are using AR & VR to drive economic growth, encourage empathy and collaboration, democratize healthcare and education, and promote sustainability in the world.

Microdose VR teamed up with Muse headband which reads your brain waves, and creates a unique generative experience to sense your mood, to create a special VR experience. Here is a snippit from a Press mention – InteraXon put together a custom HTC Vive headset with sensors that use its Muse brain-reading technologies to sense your mood. It then teamed up with Microdose VR to create a special VR experience that adjusts to how you’re feeling.

The sensors, which are placed where your brow and cheeks meet the headset, as well as your earlobes and chest, then relay your information to the software, which analyzes how you’re feeling and changes the experience. For instance, it can sense if your jaw is clenched or if you’re excited and give you a faster paced experience. If you’re calm, you’ll get something a little slower. You’re given two controllers to fill the space with psychedelic imagery. Graeme Moffat, scientific and regulatory director for InteraXon, tells us that, while other companies are looking to use brain-reading tech to do things like typing or interfacing with computers, what will happen much sooner are systems that can adapt to how you’re feeling. “You can measure brain responses in such a way that you can tell whether someone is habituating to stimulus presentation, whether they’re getting distracted, whether they’re getting tired and you can adapt mixed reality, augmented reality or virtual reality in that way.”