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Microdose VR At Sotheby’s

We were honored to have participated in the VR Society: The Art Of VR! The two day extravaganza, was hosted by Sotheby's at [...]

Augmented World Expo

Microdose VR was a featured technology at Augmented World Expo , an AR/VR conference with 4700 [...]

Lightning In A Bottle

Microdose VR, Samskara and Android Jones were featured in the MOVA Gallery, which was pleased to return to Lightning [...]

VRLA Conference

VRLA is the world's largest virtual reality and immersive technology expo.  We loved being a [...]

Coachella Festival

We brought Microdose VR to Coachella 2017, and debuted our multiplayer functionality, allowing multiple people [...]


We brought a 3 dodecahedron Microdose VR arcade to Okeechobee festival, a diverse, multi-genre event [...]

Samskara at CES

Android Jones will be showing Samskara at CES inside the HP dome on Thursday night. Experience the stunning digital paintings of [...]