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Immersive Reality

Vision Agency offers a number of innovative immersive experiences based around our flagship product Microdose VR including fulldome projections with original content, multiplayer VR arcades with custom dodecahedron enclosures, live audiovisual performances featuring bespoke audio reactive technology and white label VR experiences which can be customized for your brand.

Fully immersive worlds transport visitors into the world of your brand like never before, creating a world which comes alive with the player’s every touch. We can handle every aspect of your event brand image, from event posters, to promotional video content, to apparel, to live interactive VR and fulldome experiences at your event and beyond.

Microdose VR At Your Event

Bring the excitement of virtual reality to your event with Microdose VR!

Microdose VR brings the unforgettable fun of virtual reality to festivals, concerts, conferences, trade shows, and business convergences. Enhance the value of your event, with hands on VR experiences for all ages, that attendees will remember your event by.

Microdose VR brings the experience of unmitigated freedom in virtual space, and opens the doors of relaxation and creativity.

Download Our PDF to learn more about Microdose VR immersive Arcades, Custom Installations and Branded Experiences.

Vision Agency in Action